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Why does SaveAndReplay Love OTA HDTV ? Companies like Antennas Direct, Winegard and Channel Master have been in business for over 60 years in the old business of VHF Antennas. In the old days this rendered a snowy picture and folks used to hang these Antennas high on huge towers. Now with the switch over to digital Television and the new UHF standard the new wave of HDTV Antennas gives a crystal clear picture better then any satellite provider can give you or any HD box currently on the market. OTA gives you HDTV at up to 1080i for many broadcasts. This new method of off air broadcasts using DTV digital TV ,UHF instead of VHF is huge, with high bandwidth and little to no compression. If you have purchased a HDTV and want to see true HD , OTA is the best way to go. What's more it has no monthly fee. Why would anyone get basic cable pay around $30 a month and receive no HD or DTV (Digital TV) picture. It makes no sense at all. More and more Canadians are cancelling their cable (cutting the cord) and moving to Over the Air (OTA ). If you have an older style TV you will need a digital converter box to receive these new UHF feeds with your antenna. If you have purchased your HDTV in the last 8 years and bought a named brand TV, more then likely your new TV is already equipped with an ATSC tuner which makes it ready with a good HDTV antenna to receive OTA HDTV. Why does Save And Replay Strongly recommend OTA as a clear Winner besides the obvious reasons? 1. Most people want local TV, for example in Toronto GTA area people want City TV, CBC, Global, CTV, CTV2, Omni 1, Omni 2, TVO, CHCH , YesTV), and US networks like PBS, WNED, Think bright, NBC, JusticeTV, Escape, LAff TV, AntennaTV, GritTV, ABC, CBS, Fox 29, MY TV, The CW, The country network, ION, Qubo, Ion Life, TCT, TCT Kids, WBBZ METV, Daystar and This TV. 2. Once you have an Antenna and either a newer style TV (HDTV), with an ATSC built in tuner, its totally FREE, Yes no monthly bills to pay, get your major networks, your Canadian content and also true US content all for Free without any monthly charge! Companies that provide cable and satellite have made millions from people because they all want the local channels and major networks and are willing to pay for this. Now its Free. 3. Its not only free but most of it is in HD, yes over the air (OTA HDTV). That is the most amazing thing. No HD can compare to OTA HDTV, the quality is far superior to cable or any satellite provider as there is little to no compression. 4. If your TV is capable OTA comes with a broadcasted guide unlike conventional paid for cable services. Yes it tells you what shows are playing at what time and even detailed info on that show. The Channel Master DVR+ CM7500 are able to give you a guide. This is why we at SaveAndReplay are glad to see Companies like Antennas Direct, Channel Master and Winegard surpass all goals and expectations and we truly believe that when it comes to high standards for you the consumer products from Antennas Direct, Winegard and Channel Master are from old antenna manufacturers, time and time again giving you a better reception and award winning design and products for your entertainment pleasure! Choosing equipment from trusted true manufactures to get you the best possible viewing experience!

We are Canadian distributors for Antennas Direct, Channel Master and Winegard, for Over the air (OTA) selling antennas, pre-amps, distribution amplifiers, converter boxes and Antenna mounting hardware. We also sell Products like Ooma for home phone and the powerful streaming Kodi G-Box with Offices in Toronto GTA, with our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario!

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SaveAndReplay has become known for carrying products that give you the best in FREE TV (No Monthly Bills). OTA (Over the Air) with the use of a HD Antenna allows you to get some of the best local television networks in HD, and the HDTV quality broadcasted from OTA is better then cable or satellite. OTA has become a good substitute for basic cable networks with a better digital reception and better quality uncompressed HD then any subscribed service can currently offer you with no monthly bills. We also carry products like Ooma which allows you to still have a home phone, keep your existing number and get Canada wide calling all for just over $4 a month. We also carry streaming boxes loaded with Kodi like the G-Box from Matricom. Cutting the cord from Cable or Satellite has never been easier, say goodbye to monthly bills and watch the best Free HD TV channels. Consult with Save and replay to see how you can join the growing trend to cut the cord and watch more and more Free HD TV using a HD TV antenna and a streaming tv box.

Please email us at if you have ditched cable or satellite for over the air , OTA and are receiving all your television broadcasts via an off air antenna and how much you are saving a month as we have calculated at least 40 people a week on average over 64 Months, since Jan 2009, from our customers have ditched cable and or satellite. If the Average is $50 a month on these bills, currently not including the many people we don't get feedback from, or customers that appreciate true HD, and may still keep their monthly subscription as well? That would mean currently Save And Replay has helped customers by saving them $554,000 a month on TV monthly payments, that's over 6 Million, to be exact that's $6,656,000 a year in collective savings! This is in no means the total number of sales of Antennas and the trend, as we also sell to dealers, ship, and don't always know, what people are doing. We believe this figure is much much higher as we only get 15% feedback on total sales in terms of who has ditched a subscription service! We are currently selling over 1000 antennas a month, the CRTC states that 6% of people are using an antenna, we believe this figure is much higher. Most common customer comment is in shock at the ATSC raw HD quality and crisp sharpness. They thought they were paying for good quality HD. Second most comment is the internet gives us everything else, spending money on the internet and free local broadcasts from all major networks is all we need! People are tired and fed up of repeats, and paying monthly for it.

After 31st August 2011 for Canada is a new era for over the air broadcasts. its the Canadian digital transition, this will effect anyone that uses an over the air system in major cities and towns across Canada. Over the air will stop broadcasting in Analog and will continue broadcasting major networks in digital and HD. We have had countless people call us after talking to a cable or satellite sales rep and being told that the Antenna will no longer work. Please tell them to go to the CRTC website or the Save And Replay website and see what we are watching. Say goodbye to your television bill and welcome HD and digital TV signals into your expensive television.

PLEASE NOTE: For people that have purchased cloned or other antennas from elsewhere coming to us for help, will be asked to contact the people they purchased from. We only support our products and people that purchase equipment from us! We are not here to help and support people that purchase other equipment from elsewhere! If you have purchased Antenna gear from someone else please contact them for any assistance you require!

Cut the cord and save money with no monthly bills. More and more people are cutting the cord and saying goodbye to paying for television programming and in return they are getting crystal clear uncompressed HD over the air signals from an Antenna receiving channels like CBC, CTV ,CHCH, TVO, Global, CityTV, Omni 1, Omni 2, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and many more in most cases well over 25 channels if not over 30 most in HD and many more in Standard digital. With the option of getting all your local content in HD, put together with a good streaming box like the G-Box you wont miss your monthly bill and still watch TV with BETTER quality than a paid subscription. You can also PVR over the air and get all the bells and whisles that you are used to, without paying a monthly fee! Come see why more and more people are saying goodbye to a paid subscription at worse quailty and talk to the over the air experts! Cut the cord and join the thousands of Canadians that are enjoying HDTV without a cable or satellite subscription free.

Why is OTA a clear winner and why does Save And Replay love over the air (O.T.A)?

1. Most people want local TV and major networks and end up paying cable and satellite companies to receive these broadcasts in worse quality than you can receive for free on a HD TV Antenna over the air.

2. Once you have an antenna and either a newer style TV with an ATSC tuner or a digital converter box you get these broadcasts for Free in Digital DTV, without a monthly cable or satellite bill.

3. Its not only 100% FREE, most of its in stunning uncompressed HD, Yes OTA (over the air) is in HDTV for free, so why would you pay cable or satellite for local broadcasts and get non digital feeds and worse HD? It makes no sense does it?

4. If your TV has the ability to get a guide you will receive a full guide with info on most channels, does your monthly cable provider give this for your monthly bill?

If you are paying for basic cable or satellite for your local networks and not even receiving it in HD or Digital quality then its time to think about what you are doing and take a look at OTA and say goodbye to cable TV ,start saving your money and receive a better picture on your TV! Even customers that subscribe to cable or satellite and are paying for HD or analogue signals are turning to the uncompressed full 1080i HD raw signal, on an antenna. Yes an antenna is far better than satellite or cable and really shows what your television is capable of!

Read our Over the Air (O.T.A) section for more information on receiving Free Digital HD signals using an Antenna subscription free HDTV with no monthly bills, no cable no problem!

See the channels you can get in your area! and take the step to cutting the wire/cord and become subscription free today!

Top Selling Products
Antennas Direct DB4e Antennas Direct DB8e Channel Master DVR + (PVR)
Antennas Direct DB4e extended range AntennaAntennas Direct DB4e
Extended range 60 + Miles 60 degree beamwidth, 15DB gain will outperform any of its competitors 8 bay Antennas. Has a wide beam and is our number one seller for most locations espcially the GTA toronto area.

Antennas Direct DB4e Extended range UHF Antenna

Antennas Direct DB8e Extended Range 70+ mile rated AntennaAntennas Direct DB8e
70+ Miles range, 17.4 dB gain, and still a wide pull for an 8 bay antenna. This is the world's most powerful 8-bay technology antenna. With a very high gain and the ability to make it work like 2 x DB4e's and point in different directions, to optimize your channel line up. Our Second most popular antenna.
Antennas Direct DB8e Extended range UHF Antenna
Channel Master 7500 DVR+Channel Master DVR+ 16GB
The channel master 7500 DVR+ is a top class PVR solution for those using an over the air Antenna for Free HDTV. With HDMI out the picture is crisp, the tuner is sensitive and its performance and features are second to none. A dual tuner, record from the guide, Pause and play live tv.
Channel Master DVR+ 16GB CM7500 PVR dual tuner for ATSC OTA over the air signals with guide in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Matricom G-Box Q2 Streaming Winegard LNA-200 Preamp Ooma Telo Home Phone
Matricom G-Box is in stock with KodiMatricom G-box
The Matricom G-Box has an amazing video chip 8x octocore. A fast QUAD processor, very responsive streaming box with responsive remote! It was designed and engineered to run a stable kodi enviornment with good quaility and extremely stable. The newest G-Box Q2
Winegard LNA-200 XT Boast Pre-ampWinegard LNA-200
Our top pick and highest selling Pre-amp, it has the lowest noise 1 db, a usb power supply and transformer which is used internally and the mast mounted pre-amp like all Over the air (O.T.A) preamp's is powered via coax (RG6). Coupled with overload resistance makes this an extremely popular amplifer solution for ATSC signals.
Winegard LNA200 XT Boast Preamplifier Preamp with overload resistance and low noise UHF and VHF gain in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Ooma telo home phone Crystal clear HD Voice cheapest best rated voted home phone service provider VoIP phone line land line
Ooma Home phone with crystal clear HD Voice. Has all the features of a land line port your existing phone number and pay just over $4  a month canada wide calling and cheap long distance.
Ooma telo VOIP cheapest landline phone savings in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 4221HD Channel Master 3414 Distribution Amp Channel Master 4228HD
Channel Master 4221HD 4 bay bowtie HDTV Antenna Ultratenna
Channel Master 4221HD
The channel master 4221HD 4 bay bowtie HDTV Antenna. Traditional 4 bay design UHF antenna, from Channel Master in Canada.
Channel Master 4221HD CM4221HD HDTV Antenna 4 bay bowtie ultratenna to cut the cord from cable or satellite at save and replay store in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 3414 4 port Distribution Amplifier to help when splitting your HDTV Antenna signals to multiple Televsions. Cut the cord Canada
Channel Master 3414 Distribution Amplifier to boast your signals adnd maintian the signal from your HDTV antenna when going to multiple Televisions.
Channel Master 3414 Distribution Amplifier 4 port drop amp from Channel Master canada distributor save and replay at save and replay store in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 4228HD 8 Bay bowtie HD TV antenna for OTA Over the air in Canada
Channel Master 4228HD (CM-4228HD) 8 bay bowtie HD TV UHF Antenna. Rooftop HD TV Antenna for over the air ATSC HD and digital tv (DTV) signals.
Channel Master 4228HD CM-4228hd 8 bay bowtie HDTV Antenna at save and replay store in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Winegard FL-5500A Flatwave Antennas Direct DB2e Channel Master 5020
Winegard FL-5500A HDTV antenna for indoor use amplified HDTV Antenna
Award winning design the winegard FL-5500A Flat wave HDTV antenna. Amplified version which can stick right on a window. Great 50 mile rated HDTV antenna for high rise condo or apartment.
Winegard FL-5500a Flat HD TV Antenna amplified indoor HDTV antenna from Winegard Canada Distributor in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Antennas Direct DB2e extended range HDTV 2 bay bowtie Antenna in Mississauga Toronto Canada local pickup and ship
Antennas Direct DB2e
Extended range 45 + Miles 45 degree beamwidth, 12DB gain will outperform any of its competitors 4 bay Antennas. Antennas Direct closed dipole bay technology which makes this antenna compact small and extremely powerful.
Antennas Direct DB2e extended range HDTV 2 bay bowtie Antenna from Antennas Direct Canada Distributor in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 5020 Masterpiece HDTV Antenna Yagi traditional deep fringe UHF VHF and FM Ariel
Channel Master 5020 Masterpiece
The Channel Master 5020 Masterpiece CM5020 Yagi traditional deep fringe high gain HDTV Antenna. Does all frequencies UHF, VHF and FM. Directional over the air off air ariel works well when aiming and far away towers or combined with the channel master 9521a rotor.
Channel Master 5020 CM5020 Masterprice 100 mile HDTV Yagi traditional deep fringe UHF VHF and FM HDTV Antenna Canada Distributor in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 7778HD Pre Amp Channel Master Rotor 9521a Channel Master 7004
Channel Master 7778HD Ampliy+ Adjustable Gain Preamplifier for Proffessionals

Amplify+ is intended for outdoor professional use, including multi-dwelling units and commercial applications. The product provides separate UHF and VHF inputs for two-antenna, band-specific installations, as well as a switchable FM trap. Channel Master 7778HD (CM7778HD) professional installation head amp adjustable gain for UHF/VHF with built in LTE filter  in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga

Channel Master 9521a Rotor controller and remote kit, to rotate your HDTV Antenna
Channel Master 9521a Rotor Kit
Channel master 9521a CM-9521a rotor, controller and remote control kit for aiming at different towers for your over the air off air Antenna (Ariel). Works with 3 conductor wire sold seperately.
Channel Master 9521a CM-9521a Rotor, Controller and remote controller for rotating your HDTV Antenna in Toronto GTA Mississauga from Save And Replay Canada Toronto Mississauga
Channel Master 7004 converter box with HDMI to maintain HD quaility as well as coax for older style analouge TV
Channel Master 7004
 (CM-7004) Convertor box which has HDMI for projector or HDTV without an ATSC tuner, or coax output for older tube type or non HD TV to down convert to a D2A signal. Simple PVR
Channel Master 7004 convertor box D2A for older Tv or for HDMI projectors or HDTV with no ATS Tuner with single tuner simple guide PVR / DVR for cord cutters in Canada local Pickup GTA Toronto

Canada Distributor of Channel Master, Antennas Direct, Winegard, HDHomeRun, Mygica , Viewsat. Cut the cable cord and get free HDTV

SaveAndReplay your one stop website for Over the Air (OTA) HDTV. Products for HDTV Antennas from Channel Master, Antennas Direct, Winegard, Ooma for home phone, and G-box for Streaming. Warehouse in GTA Toronto in Mississauga!
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